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 for song
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  176 Moby Thesaurus words for "song":
     Brautlied, Christmas carol, English sonnet, Horatian ode,
     Italian sonnet, Kunstlied, Liebeslied, Petrarchan sonnet,
     Pindaric ode, Sapphic ode, Shakespearean sonnet, Volkslied, ado,
     air, alba, anacreontic, anthem, aria, art song, aubade, balada,
     ballad, ballade, ballata, barcarole, bel canto, blues, blues song,
     boat song, bother, bravura, bridal hymn, brindisi, bucolic,
     calypso, canso, canticle, canto, cantus, canzone, canzonet,
     canzonetta, carol, cavatina, chanson, chant, chantey, cheaply,
     choral singing, clerihew, coloratura, commotion, croon, croon song,
     crooning, cry, descant, dirge, dithyramb, ditty, drinking song,
     eclogue, elegy, epic, epigram, epithalamium, epode, epopee,
     epopoeia, epos, evasion, flap, folk singing, folk song, for a song,
     fuss, georgic, ghazel, haiku, hum, humming, hymeneal, hymn, idyll,
     inexpensively, intonation, jingle, lay, lied, lilt, limerick, line,
     love song, love-lilt, lyric, lyricism, madrigal, matin, measure,
     melodia, melodic line, melody, minstrel song, minstrelsy, monody,
     musical thought, narrative poem, national anthem, note, number,
     nursery rhyme, ode, operatic singing, palinode, pastoral,
     pastoral elegy, pastorela, pastourelle, performance, piece, poem,
     poesy, poetry, prevarication, prothalamium, refrain, rhyme,
     rondeau, rondel, roundel, roundelay, satire, scat, scat singing,
     serena, serenade, serenata, sestina, singing, sloka, sol-fa,
     sol-fa exercise, solfeggio, solmization, solo, solo part, sonnet,
     sonnet sequence, soprano part, strain, tale, tanka, tenso, tenzone,
     the supreme fiction, theme song, threnody, to-do, tonic sol-fa,
     torch song, treble, triolet, troubadour poem, tune, verse,
     verselet, versicle, villanelle, virelay, vocal music, vocalization,
     war song, warbling, wedding song, yodel, yodeling

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