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 for register
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  504 Moby Thesaurus words for "register":
     English horn, French pitch, accord, account, account book,
     accountant, accounts payable ledger, accounts receivable ledger,
     act, act as foil, active list, adversaria, advise, agree,
     aide-memoire, amanuensis, annals, annotation, answer to, appear,
     archives, archivist, arm, armor, assail the ear, assent,
     assort with, balance sheet, bank ledger, bankbook, barnstorm,
     bassoon, be consistent, be glimpsed, be heard, be of one,
     be uniform with, betray, blacklist, bless, block flute, bombard,
     book, booking, bookkeeper, books, bound, bourdon, calendar,
     card ledger, caress the ear, carry, carve, cash register, cashbook,
     catalog, cataloging, catalogue, catch a likeness, cello, chalk,
     chalk up, champion, character, characterize, chart, check,
     check in, check sheet, checklist, chime, chromatic scale,
     chronicle, chronicling, chronology, civil list, claribel, clarinet,
     clarion, classical pitch, clerk, cloak, clock card, cohere,
     coincide, come home to, come out, communicate, compass,
     compass about, concert flute, concur, condition, confine, conform,
     conform with, conserve, consist with, contact, contain, cooperate,
     copyright, cornet, cornopean, correspond, correspondence,
     cost card, cost ledger, cost sheet, cover, cromorna, cushion, cut,
     cymbel, date slip, datebook, dawn on, daybook, defend, delineate,
     depict, depth, diagram, diapason, diary, directory, discipline,
     display, divulge, docket, documentalist, documentation,
     dodecuple scale, dovetail, draw, draw the line, dulciana, emote,
     emotionalize, engrave, engraver, enharmonic scale, enlistment,
     enroll, enrollment, enscroll, ensure, enter, entering, entry,
     enumerate, enumeration, exhibit, express, factory ledger,
     fall in together, fence, fend, file, filing clerk, fill out,
     fit together, flute stop, footnote, foundation stop, fourniture,
     gain a hearing, gamba, gamut, gedeckt, gemshorn, get across,
     get over, get through to, get to, get top billing, go together,
     go with, grave, great scale, guarantee, guard, hang together,
     harbor, harmonic flute, harmonize, haven, hedge about, height,
     high pitch, history, hit, hit off, hold together, hybrid stop,
     impanel, impanelment, impress, incise, index, indexing, indicate,
     inscribe, inscribing, inscription, insert, insertion, insure,
     interlock, intersect, inventory, inventorying, item, itemization,
     itemize, items, jibe, jot down, jotting, journal, keep, keep alive,
     keep from harm, keep intact, keep inviolate, keep safe, keep score,
     keep up, key, koppel flute, larigot, ledger, letters, librarian,
     limit, limn, list, listing, lock, log, logbook, logging, low pitch,
     maintain, major scale, make a memorandum, make a note,
     make an entry, make an impression, make known, make oneself heard,
     make out, make safe, manifest, map, marginal note, marginalia,
     mark, mark down, marker, match, matriculate, matriculation,
     measure, melodia, melodic minor, memo, memoir, memorandum,
     memorial, mime, minor scale, minute, minutes, mixture, moderate,
     mutation stop, narrow, nazard, nestle, new philharmonic pitch,
     not destroy, not endanger, not expend, not use up, not waste,
     notary, notary public, notate, notation, note, note down, oboe,
     occur to, octave, octave scale, organ stop, overlap, paint,
     pantomime, parallel, passbook, patent, patter, penetrate,
     pentatonic scale, perform, philharmonic pitch, philosophical pitch,
     piccolo, picture, picturize, pigeonhole, pipe roll, pitch,
     place upon record, play, play the lead, playact, plein jeu,
     point to, police, poll, portray, posaune, post, post up, posting,
     preserve, principal, print, program, protect, prothonotary,
     purchase ledger, put down, put in writing, put on paper,
     put on tape, qualify, quint, quintaten, radius, range, rank,
     ranket, reach, reach the ear, read, record, record book,
     record clerk, record keeping, recordation, recorder, recording,
     recording instruments, recordist, reduce to writing, reed stop,
     reflect, register with, registrar, registration, registry, relic,
     remains, reminder, render, repertory, report, represent,
     respond to, restrain, restrict, retired list, reveal,
     ride shotgun for, rohr flute, roll, roll call, rolls, roster, rota,
     rub, safeguard, sales journal, sales ledger, save, say, scale,
     scant, schedule, schematize, scholia, scholium, scope, score,
     scorekeeper, scorer, screen, scribe, scrivener, scroll, secretary,
     secure, sesquialtera, set down, shawm, shelter, shield, show,
     shroud, sick list, sign in, sign on, sing in chorus, sink in,
     sketch, soak in, sort with, spare, specialize, specify, spectrum,
     spitz flute, square, square with, stand together, standard pitch,
     star, steal the show, stenographer, stint, stock ledger,
     stonecutter, stooge, stop, stopped diapason, stopped flute,
     stores ledger, straiten, stretch, string diapason, string stop,
     support, suspense ledger, sustain, sweep, symbolize, table,
     tabulate, tabulation, take a rubbing, take down, take note of,
     tally, tally sheet, tape, tape-record, temperament, tierce, till,
     time book, time chart, time scale, time schedule, time sheet,
     time study, timecard, timekeeper, timetable, token, tonality, tone,
     trace, trace out, trace over, transmit, tread the boards, tremolo,
     trombone, troupe, trumpet, tune, tuning, twelfth, unda maris,
     underwrite, uphold, upstage, vestige, vibrato, videotape, viola,
     voix celeste, vox angelica, vox humana, whole-tone scale, write,
     write down, write in, write out, write up

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