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 for curb
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  247 Moby Thesaurus words for "curb":
     American Stock Exchange, Amex, Tarmac, Tarvia, Wall Street,
     abstain, arrest, arrestation, asphalt, back band, backpedal,
     backstrap, backwater, bearing rein, bellyband, bit, bitumen,
     bituminous macadam, blacktop, blinders, blinds, board,
     border stone, bottle up, bourse, brake, breeching, brick, bridle,
     caparison, cavesson, cement, chain, check, checkrein, cheekpiece,
     chinband, chock, cinch, clip the wings, clog, cobble, cobblestone,
     collar, commodity exchange, concrete, constrain, constraint,
     contain, control, cool, cool off, cooling, cooling down,
     cooling off, corn pit, countercheck, crownband, crupper, curb bit,
     curb exchange, curb market, curbing, curbstone, curtail,
     curtailment, dam up, damp, dampen, damper, decelerate,
     deceleration, delay, detain, dompt, doorstop, drag, drag sail,
     draw rein, drift anchor, drift sail, drogue, ease off, ease up,
     edgestone, enjoin, entrammel, exchange, exchange floor, fetter,
     flag, flagging, flagstone, gag swivel, girth, govern, gravel,
     guard, hackamore, halter, hames, hametugs, hamper, harness,
     headgear, headstall, hinder, hindrance, hip straps, hobble,
     hog-tie, hold, hold at bay, hold back, hold down, hold fast,
     hold in, hold in check, hold in leash, hold up, holdback, impede,
     inhibit, inhibition, injunction, intercept, interdict, interfere,
     intermeddle, interrupt, intervene, jaquima, jerk line, keep,
     keep back, keep from, keep in, keep in check, keep under control,
     kerb, kerbstone, lay under restraint, leash, legal restraint,
     let down, let up, lines, lose ground, lose momentum, lose speed,
     macadam, manacle, martingale, meddle, moderate, monopoly, noseband,
     obstruct, oppose, outside market, over-the-counter market,
     pavement, pavestone, paving, paving stone, pelham, pit, pole strap,
     prohibit, prohibition, protection, protectionism,
     protective tariff, pull, pull in, quotation board, rationing, reef,
     refrain, rein, rein in, reins, relax, remora, repress, resist,
     restrain, restraint, restraint of trade, retard, retardation,
     retrench, retrenchment, ribbons, road metal, saddle, scotch,
     sea anchor, self-control, set back, shackle, shaft tug, side check,
     slack off, slack up, slacken, slow, slow down, slow up,
     slowing down, snaffle, snub, spoke, stay, stock exchange,
     stock market, stock ticker, stone, stop, straiten, subdue,
     suppress, surcingle, tack, tackle, take in sail, tariff wall,
     tarmacadam, telephone market, the Big Board, the Exchange,
     third market, thought control, throttle down, ticker, ticker tape,
     tie, tie up, tile, trammel, trappings, tug, washboard, wheat pit,
     winker braces, withhold, yoke

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