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 for comment
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  119 Moby Thesaurus words for "comment":
     Parthian shot, accents, address, affirmation, allegation,
     allude to, analysis, animadversion, animadvert, annotate,
     annotation, answer, apostrophe, apparatus criticus, approval,
     assertion, averment, blurt, blurt out, book review,
     call attention to, censure, chatter, clarification, commentary,
     commentate, commentation, construe, conversation, crack,
     critical bibliography, critical journal, critical notice,
     critical review, criticism, critique, declaration, dictum,
     discourse, discuss, editorial, elocution, elucidate, elucidation,
     exclaim, exclamation, exegesis, expansion, explain, explanation,
     explicate, expose, exposition, expound, expression, footnote, gab,
     gloss, greeting, interject, interjection, language, leader,
     leading article, let drop, let fall, literary criticism,
     make reference to, mention, muse, notation, note,
     note of explanation, notice, obiter dictum, observation, observe,
     opine, opinion, oral communication, palaver, parole, phrase,
     position, prattle, pronouncement, question, rapping, reaction,
     refer to, reference, reflect, reflection, remark, report, reveal,
     review, running commentary, say, saying, scholium, sentence, speak,
     speaking, speech, statement, subjoinder, talk, talk about, talking,
     thought, utterance, view, word, word of explanation, words,
     write-up, yakkety-yak, yakking

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