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 for ''internet access provider''
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Internet Access Provider
      (IAP) A company or other origanisation
     which provides access to the Internet to businesses and/or
     consumers.  An IAP purchases an Internet link from another
     company that has a direct link to the Internet and resells
     portions of that bandwidth to the general public.
     For example, an IAP may purchase a T1 link (1.544Mb/s) and
     resell that bandwidth in chunks consisting of ISDN (64Kb/s,
     128Kb/s) and analog modems (14.4Kb/s, 28.8Kb/s).  The IAP's
     customer base is likely to include both businesses and
     individuals.  Individual customers usually connect to the IAP
     via a modem and telephone line to a (preferably local) point
     of presence.
     An IAP may also be an Internet Service Provider.

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