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 for Chance
From Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary :

     (Luke 10:31). "It was not by chance that the priest came down by
     that road at that time, but by a specific arrangement and in
     exact fulfilment of a plan; not the plan of the priest, nor the
     plan of the wounded traveller, but the plan of God. By
     coincidence (Gr. sungkuria) the priest came down, that is, by
     the conjunction of two things, in fact, which were previously
     constituted a pair in the providence of God. In the result they
     fell together according to the omniscient Designer's plan. This
     is the true theory of the divine government." Compare the
     meeting of Philip with the Ethiopian (Acts 8:26, 27). There is
     no "chance" in God's empire. "Chance" is only another word for
     our want of knowledge as to the way in which one event falls in
     with another (1 Sam. 6:9; Eccl. 9:11).

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