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 for repeat loop
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  repeat loop
  do loop
      (Or "do loop") A loop construct found in many
     procedural languages which repeatedly executes some
     instructions while a condition is true.
     Repeat loops are found in Perl, Pascal, BASIC and C.
     The initial keyword may be "repeat" or "do" and the
     condition may be introduced with a "while" or "until" keyword.
     In constrast to a while loop, the "loop body" is executed
     once before the condition is tested.  This is useful when the
     condition depends on the action of the loop body.  In the
     following BASIC loop "Hello" is printed once despite the fact
     that the condition is false;
      i = 2
        print "Hello"
        i = i+1
      until i>0
     See also while loop and for loop.

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