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From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

      An ordered set of fields,
     usually stored contiguously.  The term is used with similar
     meaning in several different contexts.  In a file, a "record"
     probably has some fixed length, in contrast to a "line" which
     may have any length and is terminated by some End Of Line
     sequence).  A database record is also called a "row".  In a
     spreadsheet it is always called a "row".  Some programming
     languages use the term to mean a type composed of fields of
     several other types ({C calls this a "{struct}").
     In all these cases, a record represents an entity with certain
     field values.
     Fields may be of a fixed width ({bits or characters) or
     they may be separated by a delimiter character, often
     comma+({CSV">comma ({CSV) or HT ({TSV}).
     In a database the list of values of a given field from all
     records is called a column.

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