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2 definitions found
 for put on
From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) :

  put on
      adj 1: adopted in order to deceive; "an assumed name"; "an
             assumed cheerfulness"; "a fictitious address"; "fictive
             sympathy"; "a pretended interest"; "a put-on childish
             voice"; "sham modesty" [syn: assumed, false,
             fictitious, fictive, pretended, put on, sham]
      v 1: put clothing on one's body; "What should I wear today?";
           "He put on his best suit for the wedding"; "The princess
           donned a long blue dress"; "The queen assumed the stately
           robes"; "He got into his jeans" [syn: wear, put on,
           get into, don, assume]
      2: add to something existing; "She put on a sun room"
      3: put on the stove or ready for cooking; "put on the tea,
      4: carry out (performances); "They turned in a splendid effort";
         "They turned in top jobs for the second straight game" [syn:
         put on, turn in]
      5: add to the odometer; "He put on 1,000 miles on this trip"
      6: prepare and supply with the necessary equipment for execution
         or performance; "mount a theater production"; "mount an
         attack"; "mount a play" [syn: mount, put on]
      7: apply to a surface; "She applied paint to the back of the
         house"; "Put on make-up!" [syn: put on, apply]
      8: fool or hoax; "The immigrant was duped because he trusted
         everyone"; "You can't fool me!" [syn: gull, dupe,
         slang, befool, cod, fool, put on, take in, put
         one over, put one across]
      9: increase (one's body weight); "She gained 20 pounds when she
         stopped exercising" [syn: gain, put on] [ant: lose
         weight, melt off, reduce, slenderize, slim, slim
         down, thin]

From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  385 Moby Thesaurus words for "put on":
     Parthian shot, accelerate, act, act a part, administer, affect,
     affectation, affected, affectedness, airs, airs and graces,
     apocryphal, apply, apply to, artificial, artificiality, assume,
     assumed, back answer, banter, barge in, bastard, be a gas,
     be a hit, befool, bestow, bet, bill, blanket, block, bluff, bogus,
     bomb, break in, break in upon, brummagem, burden with, burst in,
     butt in, canopy, caustic remark, chaff, change, charge, charge in,
     cheat, clinquant, cloak, clothe, cloud, colorable, colored,
     come between, comeback, cope, counterfeit, counterfeited, cover,
     cover up, cowl, crack, crack on, crash, crash in, crash the gates,
     creep in, crowd in, curtain, cut, cut in, cutting remark, deceit,
     deceive, deception, demand, dig, disguise, dissemble, dissimulate,
     distorted, do a bit, don, dose, dose with, dramatize, draw on,
     dress in, dressed up, dummy, dump, dupe, eclipse, edge in,
     elbow in, embellished, embroidered, encroach, enforce upon, engage,
     enjoin, entrench, ersatz, exact, facade, face, factitious, fail,
     fake, faked, fakement, false, false front, false show, falsified,
     fasten upon, feature, feign, feigned, feigned belief, fictitious,
     fictive, film, fleer, flop, flout, foist in, foist on, foolery,
     force, force upon, forgery, four-flush, frame-up, fraud,
     freight with, front, gain ground, gamble, game, gammon, garbled,
     get into, get on, gibe, gibing retort, give, give a boost,
     give a lift, gull, hasten, haze, headline, help up, hire,
     histrionize, hoax, hood, horn in, horse, humbug, hurry up,
     hypocrisy, hypocritical, illegitimate, image, imitation, impinge,
     impose, impose on, impose upon, impostor, infatuate, infiltrate,
     inflict on, inflict upon, infringe, insincerity, insinuate,
     interfere, interlope, interpose, intervene, intrude, invade,
     irrupt, jab, jape, jeer, jest, jive, joke, jolly, josh, junk,
     junky, kid, lay, lay on, lay over, leg-pull, let on, let on like,
     levy, look big, make a hit, make a pretense, make as if,
     make believe, make like, make out like, make-believe, man-made,
     mannered, mannerism, mantle, mask, masquerade, melodramatize,
     mere show, mete out to, mock, mount, muffle, needle, obduce,
     obscure, obtrude, occult, open, open a show, open the throttle,
     overact, overlay, overspread, parting shot, pass off on,
     pass the buck, paste, perverted, phony, pick up speed, pinchbeck,
     place, play, play a part, play a scene, play on, play possum,
     playact, pontificate, pose, posed, premiere, prescribe for,
     present, press in, presume upon, pretend, pretended, pretense,
     pretension, preview, produce, profess, prunes and prisms, pseudo,
     public image, pull, push in, put, put across, put down,
     put on airs, put on side, put on steam, put over, put upon,
     put-down, put-up job, putting on airs, quasi, queer, quicken, quip,
     race, rag, rally, razz, rev, rib, ride, rip-off, ritz it, roast,
     rude reproach, rush in, saddle with, scenarize, scoff, screen,
     scum, scurrility, self-styled, sell, set, set the stage, sham,
     shield, shift the blame, shift the responsibility, shoddy,
     short answer, show, simulacrum, simulate, simulated, slam, slap,
     slink in, slip in, slip on, smash in, sneak in, so-called,
     soi-disant, speed up, spoof, spread over, spurious, squeeze in,
     stage, stake, star, steal in, step on it, step up, storm in,
     strike, stultify, stylishness, subject to, succeed, superimpose,
     superpose, supposititious, swank, swell, swell it, swindle, swipe,
     synthetic, take advantage of, take on, task, taunt, tax, tease,
     theatricalize, throng in, thrust in, tin, tinsel, titivated,
     trench, trespass, try out, tug the heartstrings, twisted, twit,
     unauthentic, ungenuine, unnatural, unnaturalness, unreal, veil,
     verbal thrust, wager, warped, wear, weight down with,
     whited sepulcher, work in, work on, worm in, yoke with

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