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 for lexical scope
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  lexical scope
  lexical scoping
  static scope
      (Or "static scope") When the scope of an
     identifier is fixed at compile time to some region in the
     source code containing the identifier's declaration.  This
     means that an identifier is only accessible within that region
     (including procedures declared within it).
     This contrasts with dynamic scope where the scope depends on
     the nesting of procedure and function calls at run time.
     Statically scoped languages differ as to whether the scope is
     limited to the smallest block (including begin/end blocks)
     containing the identifier's declaration (e.g. C, Perl) or
     to whole function and procedure bodies (e.g. ECMAScript), or
     some larger unit of code (e.g. ?).  The former is known as
     static nested scope.

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