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2 definitions found
 for get around
From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) :

  get around
      v 1: be released or become known; of news; "News of her death
           broke in the morning" [syn: break, get out, get
      2: avoid something unpleasant or laborious; "You cannot bypass
         these rules!" [syn: bypass, short-circuit, go around,
         get around]
      3: be a social swinger; socialize a lot [syn: swing, get
      4: move around; move from place to place; "How does she get
         around without a car?" [syn: get around, get about]

From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  101 Moby Thesaurus words for "get around":
     bamboozle, become public, beg, beguile, betray, blarney, bluff,
     break, butter, butter up, buzz about, cajole, cheat on, circulate,
     circumvent, come forth, come out, conjure, deceive, delude, diddle,
     ditch, double, double-cross, dupe, elude, escape, evade, find vent,
     fly about, foil, forestall, frustrate, gammon, get about,
     get abroad, get afloat, get away from, get exposure, get out of,
     get round, give the runaround, give the slip, go about, go forth,
     go one better, go the rounds, gull, have been around,
     have currency, have savvy, hoax, hocus-pocus, honey, hornswaggle,
     humbug, issue, jolly, juggle, kid along, know the ropes,
     know the score, lay it on, let down, mock, oil, outfigure,
     outflank, outgeneral, outguess, outmaneuver, outplay, outreach,
     outsmart, outwit, overdo it, overreach, pass the buck, pigeon,
     play one false, play up to, put something over, see the light,
     shake, shake off, shuffle out of, skirt, snow, soap, soft-soap,
     soften up, spread, spread about, spread like wildfire, stonewall,
     string along, stroke, take in, trick, two-time, victimize

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