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2 definitions found
 for dither
From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) :

      n 1: an excited state of agitation; "he was in a dither"; "there
           was a terrible flap about the theft" [syn: dither,
           pother, fuss, tizzy, flap]
      v 1: act nervously; be undecided; be uncertain
      2: make a fuss; be agitated [syn: dither, flap, pother]

From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  183 Moby Thesaurus words for "dither":
     ache, aching, agitation, all-overs, alternate, babble,
     back and fill, be cold, be stupid, blab, blabber, blather, blether,
     blither, bob, bobble, bother, bounce, bump, burble, cackle, change,
     chat, chatter, chilblains, chill, chilliness, chilling, clack,
     clatter, cold creeps, cold shivers, cold sweat, confusion, creeps,
     cryopathy, didder, disquiet, disquietude, dithers, dote, drivel,
     drool, duck bumps, equivocate, falter, fidgetiness, fidgets, flap,
     fluctuate, fluster, flusteration, flustration, flutter, foofaraw,
     freeze, freeze to death, fret, frostbite, fuss, gab, gabble, gas,
     gibber, gibble-gabble, go on, goose bumps, goose pimples,
     gooseflesh, gossip, grimace, grow cold, gush, halt, hang in doubt,
     have a chill, have goose pimples, haver, heaving, heebie-jeebies,
     hesitate, horripilate, horripilation, inquietude, jabber, jar, jaw,
     jerk, jig, jigget, jitters, jog, joggle, jolt, jostle, jumps, kibe,
     lather, lose heat, maunder, natter, oscillate, palaver,
     palpitation, panting, patter, pendulate, perish with cold, pitapat,
     pitter-patter, pother, pour forth, prate, prattle, pucker, quake,
     quaking, quaver, quavering, quiver, quivering, quivers, ramble on,
     rattle, rattle on, reel off, restlessness, rictus, run on, shake,
     shakes, shaking, shift, shilly-shally, shiver, shivering, shivers,
     shock, shudder, slobber, spout, spout off, stagger, stew,
     stop to consider, sweat, swivet, talk away, talk nonsense, talk on,
     teeter, tergiversate, think twice, throb, throbbing, tic,
     tittle-tattle, tizzy, totter, tremble, trembles, trembling, tremor,
     trepidation, trepidity, tumult, turbulence, turmoil, twaddle,
     twattle, twitch, twitter, twitteration, unrest, vacillate, vary,
     waffle, waver, whiffle, willies, wobble, yak, yakkety-yak

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