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2 definitions found
 for come to
From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) :

  come to
      v 1: cause to experience suddenly; "Panic struck me"; "An
           interesting idea hit her"; "A thought came to me"; "The
           thought struck terror in our minds"; "They were struck with
           fear" [syn: hit, strike, come to]
      2: be relevant to; "There were lots of questions referring to
         her talk"; "My remark pertained to your earlier comments"
         [syn: refer, pertain, relate, concern, come to,
         bear on, touch, touch on, have-to doe with]
      3: attain; "The horse finally struck a pace" [syn: come to,
      4: return to consciousness; "The patient came to quickly"; "She
         revived after the doctor gave her an injection" [syn: come
         to, revive, resuscitate]

From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  140 Moby Thesaurus words for "come to":
     accomplish, achieve, acquiesce, add up to, afford, aggregate,
     aggregate to, amount to, appear, approach, arrive, arrive at,
     arrive in, assister, attain, attain to, attend, awake, awaken,
     balance, be at, be begotten, be born, be incarnated, be persuaded,
     be present at, be received, blow in, bob up, bounce back,
     break even, bring, bring in, carry to, catch, check in, clock in,
     come, come alive, come around, come back, come in, come into being,
     come into existence, come over, come round, come to hand,
     come to life, come up smiling, come up to, comply, comply with,
     comprise, contain, correspond, cost, ditto, do, draw, equal, even,
     even off, extend to, fall in with, fetch, fetch up at, find, gain,
     get about, get in, get over, get there, get to, get well, go to,
     hit, hit town, keep pace with, knot, lead to, live again, look on,
     make, make a comeback, make it, match, match up with,
     measure up to, mount up to, number, parallel, pop up, pull in,
     pull round, pull through, punch in, quicken, rally, reach,
     reach to, reanimate, reckon up to, recover, resurge, resuscitate,
     return to life, revive, ring in, rise again, rival, roll in,
     run abreast, run into, run to, see, see the light, sell for,
     set one back, show up, sign in, sit in, stack up with,
     stretch away to, stretch to, submit, survive, take in, tie,
     time in, tot up to, total, total up to, tote up to, touch, turn up,
     unitize, visit, watch, weather the storm, witness

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