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 for client-server
From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) :

      adj 1: relating to a computer system in which a central server
             supports a number of networked workstations

From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  client-server model
      A common form of distributed system in which
     software is split between server tasks and client tasks.
     A client sends requests to a server, according to some
     protocol, asking for information or action, and the server
     This is analogous to a customer (client) who sends an order
     (request) on an order form to a supplier (server) who
     despatches the goods and an invoice (response).  The order
     form and invoice are part of the "protocol" used to
     communicate in this case.
     There may be either one centralised server or several
     distributed ones.  This model allows clients and servers to be
     placed independently on nodes in a network, possibly on
     different hardware and operating systems appropriate to
     their function, e.g. fast server/cheap client.
     Examples are the name-server/name-resolver relationship in
     DNS, the file-server/file-client relationship in NFS and
     the screen server/client application split in the X Window
     Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.client-server.
     ["The Essential Client/Server Survival Guide", 2nd edition,

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