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 for animated GIF
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Animated GIF
      (GIF89a) A variant of the GIF
     image format, often used on web pages to
     provide moving icons and banners.
     The GIF89a format supports multiple "frames" that give the
     impression of motion when displayed in sequence, much like a
     flip book.  The animation may repeat continuously or play
     Animated GIFs aren't supported by earlier web browsers,
     however the first frame of the image is still shown.
     There are many utilities to create animated GIFs from a
     sequence of individual GIF files.  There are also utilities
     that will produce animated GIFs automatically from a piece of
     text or a single image.
     One problem with this format is the size of the files
     produced, as they are by definition a sequence of individual
     images.  Apart from minimising the number of frames, the best
     way to decrease file size is to assist the LZW compression
     by using blocks of solid colour, avoid dithering, and use
     fewer colours.  If areas of an image don't change from one
     frame to another, they don't need to be redrawn so make the
     area a transparent block in the second frame.

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