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 for abstract syntax
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  abstract syntax
      A form of representation of data that is
     independent of machine-oriented structures and encodings and
     also of the physical representation of the data.  Abstract
     syntax is used to give a high-level description of programs
     being compiled or messages passing over a communications link.
     A compiler's internal representation of a program will
     typically be an abstract syntax tree.  The abstract syntax
     specifies the tree's structure is specified in terms of
     categories such as "statement", "expression" and
     "{identifier".  This is independent of the source syntax
     ({concrete syntax) of the language being compiled (though it
     will often be very similar).
     A parse tree is similar to an abstract syntax tree but it
     will typically also contain features such as parentheses which
     are syntactically significant but which are implicit in the
     structure of the abstract syntax tree.

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