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 for Yellow Book, Jargon
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Yellow Book, Jargon
      The print version of the Jargon File, titled
     "The New Hacker's Dictionary".  It includes essentially all
     the material the File, plus a Foreword by Guy L. Steele, Jr.
     and a Preface by Eric S. Raymond.  Most importantly, the book
     version is nicely typeset and includes almost all of the
     infamous Crunchly cartoons by the Great Quux, each attached to
     an appropriate entry.  The first, second, and third editions
     correspond to versions 2.9.6, 3.0.0, and 4.0.0 of the File,
     ["The New Hacker's Dictionary", 3rd edition, MIT Press, 1996
     (ISBN 0-262-68092-0)].

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