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 for Windows 95
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Windows 95
  Win 95
      (Win95) Microsoft's successor to their
     Windows 3.11 operating system for IBM PCs.  It was known
     as "Chicago" during development.  Its release was originally
     scheduled for late 1994 but eventually happened on 11 Jul
     1995, followed by Service Release 1 on 1995-12-31 and OSR2
     (OEM Service Release 2) on 1996-08-24.
     In contrast to earlier versions, Windows 95 is a complete
     operating system rather than a graphical user interface
     running on top of MS-DOS.
     It provides 32-bit application support, pre-emptive
     multitasking, threading and built-in networking ({TCP/IP},
     IPX, SLIP, PPP, and Windows Sockets).  It includes
     MS-DOS 7.0, but takes over completely after booting.  The
     graphical user interface, while similar to previous Windows
     versions, is significantly improved.
     Windows 95 has also been described as "32-bit extensions and a
     graphical shell for a 16-bit patch to an 8-bit operating
     system originally coded for a 4-bit microprocessor, written by
     a 2-bit company that can't stand 1-bit of competition".
     The successor to Windows 95 was Windows 98.

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