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 for University of Edinburgh
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  University of Edinburgh
      A university in the centre of Scotland's
     capital.  The University of Edinburgh has been promoting and
     setting standards in education for over 400 years.  Granted
     its Royal Charter in 1582 by James VI, the son of Mary Queen
     of Scots, the University was founded the following year by the
     Town Council of Edinburgh, making it the first
     post-Reformation university in Scotland, and the first civic
     university to be established in the British Isles.
     Known in its early years as King James College, or the Tounis
     (Town's) College, the University soon established itself
     internationally, and by the 18th century Edinburgh was a
     leading centre of the European Enlightenment and one of the
     continent's principal universities.  The University's close
     relationship with the city in which it is based, coupled with
     a forward-looking, international perspective, has kept
     Edinburgh at the forefront of new research and teaching
     developments whilst enabling it to retain a uniquely Scottish
     Edinburgh's academics are at the forefront of developments in
     the study and application of languages, medicine,
     micro-electronics, biotechnology, computer-based disciplines
     and many other subjects.  Edinburgh's standing as a world
     centre for research is further enhanced by the presence on and
     around University precincts of many independently-funded, but
     closely linked, national research institutes
     Address:  Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland EH8
     9YL, UK.
     Telephone: +44 (131) 650 1000.
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