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 for Snobol4
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

      A quite distinct descendant of SNOBOL, developed
     by Griswold et al in 1967.  SNOBOL4 is declarative with
     dynamic scope.  Patterns are first-class data objects that
     can be constructed by concatenation and alternation.  Success
     and failure are used for flow control.  Delayed
     (unevaluated) expressions can be used to implement
     recursion.  It has a table data type.  Strings generated at
     run time can be treated as programs and executed.
     See also vanilla.
     http://snobol4.org/)">SNOBOL 4 (http://snobol4.org/).
     A FOLDOC parser in SNOBOL4
     ["The SNOBOL4 Programming Language", Ralph E. Griswold et al,
     P-H 1971].

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