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 for Scheme->C
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

      A Scheme compiler written in C that emits C
     and is embeddable in C.  Scheme-to-C was written by Joel
     Bartlett of Digital Western Research Laboratory.  Version
     15mar93 translates a superset of Revised**4 Scheme to C that
     is then compiled by the native C compiler for the target
     machine.  This design results in a portable system that
     allows either stand-alone Scheme programs or programs written
     in both compiled and interpreted Scheme and other languages.
     It supports "{expansion passing style" macros, foreign
     function calls, records, and interfaces to Xlib ({Ezd}
     and Scix).
     Scheme-to-C runs on VAX, ULTRIX, DECstation, Alpha AXP
     OSF/1, Windows 3.1, Apple Macintosh 7.1, HP 9000/300,
     HP 9000/700, Sony News, SGI Iris and Harris
     Nighthawk, and other Unix-like 88000 systems.  The
     earlier 01nov91 version runs on Amiga, SunOS, NeXT, and
     Apollo systems.

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