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 for Paracel Islands
From CIA World Factbook 2002 :

  Paracel Islands
     Introduction Paracel Islands
                              Background: This archipelago is surrounded by
                                          productive fishing grounds and by
                                          potential oil and gas reserves. In
                                          1932, French Indochina annexed the
                                          islands and set up a weather station
                                          on Pattle Island; maintenance was
                                          continued by its successor, Vietnam.
                                          China has occupied the Paracel
                                          Islands since 1974, when its troops
                                          seized a South Vietnamese garrison
                                          occupying the western islands. The
                                          islands are claimed by Vietnam and
     Geography Paracel Islands
                                Location: Southeastern Asia, group of small
                                          islands and reefs in the South China
                                          Sea, about one-third of the way from
                                          central Vietnam to the northern
                  Geographic coordinates: 16 30 N, 112 00 E
                          Map references: Southeast Asia
                                    Area: total: NA sq km
                                          water: 0 sq km
                                          land: NA sq km
                      Area - comparative: NA
                         Land boundaries: 0 km
                               Coastline: 518 km
                         Maritime claims: NA
                                 Climate: tropical
                                 Terrain: mostly low and flat
                      Elevation extremes: lowest point: South China Sea 0 m
                                          highest point: unnamed location on
                                          Rocky Island 14 m
                       Natural resources: none
                                Land use: arable land: 0%
                                          permanent crops: 0%
                                          other: 100% (1998 est.)
                          Irrigated land: 0 sq km (1998 est.)
                         Natural hazards: typhoons
            Environment - current issues: NA
                        Geography - note: composed of 130 small coral islands
                                          and reefs divided into the northeast
                                          Amphitrite Group and the western
                                          Crescent Group
     People Paracel Islands
                                 Population: no indigenous inhabitants
                                             note: there are scattered Chinese
                                             garrisons (July 2002 est.)
                     Population growth rate: NA
     Government Paracel Islands
                               Country name: conventional long form: none
                                             conventional short form: Paracel
     Economy Paracel Islands
                        Economy - overview: China announced plans in 1997 to
                                            open the islands for tourism.
     Transportation Paracel Islands
                               Waterways: none
                       Ports and harbors: small Chinese port facilities on
                                          Woody Island and Duncan Island being
                                Airports: 1 (2001)
           Airports - with paved runways: total: 1
                                          1,524 to 2,437 m: 1 (2001)
     Military Paracel Islands
                                            Military - note: occupied by China
     Transnational Issues Paracel Islands
                   Disputes - international: occupied by China, but claimed by
                                             Taiwan and Vietnam

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