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 for Microsoft Access
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Microsoft Access
  MS Access
     1.  A relational database running under Microsoft
     Windows.  Data is stored as a number of "{tables}",
     e.g. "Stock".  Each table consists of a number of "{records"
     (e.g. for different items) and each record contains a number
     of "{fields", e.g. "Product code", "Supplier", "Quantity in
     Access allows the user to create "{forms" and "reports".  A
     form shows one record in a user-designed format and allows the
     user to step through records one at a time.  A report shows
     selected records in a user-designed format, possibly grouped
     into sections with different kinds of total (including sum,
     minimum, maximum, average).
     There are also facilities to use links ("{joins") between
     tables which share a common field and to filter records
     according to certain criteria or search for particular field
     Version: 2 (date?).
     Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.databases.ms-access.
     2.  A communications program from Microsoft,
     meant to compete with ProComm and other programs.  It sucked
     and was dropped.  Years later they reused the name for their

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