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 for Mayotte
From CIA World Factbook 2002 :

     Introduction Mayotte
                              Background: Mayotte was ceded to France along
                                          with the other islands of the
                                          Comoros group in 1843. It was the
                                          only island in the archipelago that
                                          voted in 1974 to retain its link
                                          with France and forego independence.
     Geography Mayotte
                                Location: Southern Africa, island in the
                                          Mozambique Channel, about one-half
                                          of the way from northern Madagascar
                                          to northern Mozambique
                  Geographic coordinates: 12 50 S, 45 10 E
                          Map references: Africa
                                    Area: total: 374 sq km
                                          water: 0 sq km
                                          land: 374 sq km
                      Area - comparative: slightly more than twice the size of
                                          Washington, DC
                         Land boundaries: 0 km
                               Coastline: 185.2 km
                         Maritime claims: exclusive economic zone: 200 NM
                                          territorial sea: 12 NM
                                 Climate: tropical; marine; hot, humid, rainy
                                          season during northeastern monsoon
                                          (November to May); dry season is
                                          cooler (May to November)
                                 Terrain: generally undulating, with deep
                                          ravines and ancient volcanic peaks
                      Elevation extremes: lowest point: Indian Ocean 0 m
                                          highest point: Benara 660 m
                       Natural resources: NEGL
                                Land use: arable land: NA%
                                          permanent crops: NA%
                                          other: NA% (1998 est.)
                          Irrigated land: NA sq km
                         Natural hazards: cyclones during rainy season
            Environment - current issues: NA
                        Geography - note: part of Comoro Archipelago; 18
     People Mayotte
                              Population: 170,879 (July 2002 est.)
                           Age structure: 0-14 years: 46.6% (male 39,927;
                                          female 39,628)
                                          15-64 years: 51.7% (male 48,237;
                                          female 40,210)
                                          65 years and over: 1.7% (male 1,429;
                                          female 1,448) (2002 est.)
                  Population growth rate: 4.41% (2002 est.)
                              Birth rate: 43.59 births/1,000 population (2002
                              Death rate: 8.58 deaths/1,000 population (2002
                      Net migration rate: 9.11 migrant(s)/1,000 population
                                          (2002 est.)
                               Sex ratio: at birth: 1.03 male(s)/female
                                          under 15 years: 1.01 male(s)/female
                                          15-64 years: 1.2 male(s)/female
                                          65 years and over: 0.99 male(s)/
                                          total population: 1.1 male(s)/female
                                          (2002 est.)
                   Infant mortality rate: 67.76 deaths/1,000 live births (2002
                Life expectancy at birth: total population: 60.21 years
                                          female: 62.37 years (2002 est.)
                                          male: 58.12 years
                    Total fertility rate: 6.15 children born/woman (2002 est.)
        HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate: NA%
       HIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/ NA
                       HIV/AIDS - deaths: NA
                             Nationality: noun: Mahorais (singular and plural)
                                          adjective: Mahoran
                           Ethnic groups: NA
                               Religions: Muslim 97%, Christian (mostly Roman
                               Languages: Mahorian (a Swahili dialect), French
                                          (official language) spoken by 35% of
                                          the population
                                Literacy: definition: NA
                                          total population: NA%
                                          male: NA%
                                          female: NA%
     Government Mayotte
                            Country name: conventional long form: Territorial
                                          Collectivity of Mayotte
                                          conventional short form: Mayotte
                       Dependency status: territorial collectivity of France
                         Government type: NA
                                 Capital: Mamoutzou
                Administrative divisions: none (territorial collectivity of
                            Independence: none (territorial collectivity of
                        National holiday: Bastille Day, 14 July (1789)
                            Constitution: 28 September 1958 (French
                            Legal system: French law
                                Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal
                        Executive branch: chief of state: President Jacques
                                          CHIRAC of France (since 17 May
                                          1995), represented by Prefect
                                          Philippe DE MESTER (since 18
                                          September 2001)
                                          elections: French president elected
                                          by popular vote for a five-year
                                          term; prefect appointed by the
                                          French president on the advice of
                                          the French Ministry of the Interior;
                                          president of the General Council
                                          elected by the members of the
                                          General Council for a six-year term
                                          head of government: President of the
                                          General Council Younoussa BAMANA
                                          (since NA 1977)
                                          cabinet: NA
                      Legislative branch: unicameral General Council or
                                          Conseil General (19 seats; members
                                          are elected by popular vote to serve
                                          three-year terms)
                                          elections: last held 7 October 2000
                                          (next to be held NA 2003)
                                          election results: percent of vote by
                                          party - NA%; seats by party - NA
                                          note: Mayotte elects one member of
                                          the French Senate; elections last
                                          held 24 September 2001 (next to be
                                          held NA September 2007); results -
                                          percent of vote by party - NA%;
                                          seats by party - NA; Mayotte also
                                          elects one member to the French
                                          National Assembly; elections last
                                          held 25 May and 1 June 1997 (next to
                                          be held as a special election on NA
                                          May 2002); results - percent of vote
                                          by party - UDF/FD 51.7%, RPR 48.3%;
                                          seats by party - UDF/FD 1
                         Judicial branch: Supreme Court or Tribunal Superieur
           Political parties and leaders: Democratic Front or FD [Youssouf
                                          MOUSSA]; Mahoran Popular Movement or
                                          MPM [Younoussa BAMANA]; Federation
                                          of Mahorans or RPR [Moustoifa
                                          MOHAMED]; Movement for Department
                                          Status Mayotte or MDM [Younoussa BEN
                                          ALI]; Socialist Party or PS (local
                                          branch of French Parti Socialiste)
                                          [Ibrahim ABUBACAR]; Union for French
                                          Democracy or UDF [Henri JEAN-
                                          BAPTISTE]; note - may no longer be
                                          in existence
            Political pressure groups and NA
               International organization FZ
     Diplomatic representation in the US: none (territorial collectivity of
       Diplomatic representation from the none (territorial collectivity of
                                      US: France)
                        Flag description: the flag of France is used
     Economy Mayotte
                      Economy - overview: Economic activity is based primarily
                                          on the agricultural sector,
                                          including fishing and livestock
                                          raising. Mayotte is not self-
                                          sufficient and must import a large
                                          portion of its food requirements,
                                          mainly from France. The economy and
                                          future development of the island are
                                          heavily dependent on French
                                          financial assistance, an important
                                          supplement to GDP. Mayotte's remote
                                          location is an obstacle to the
                                          development of tourism.
                                     GDP: purchasing power parity - $85
                                          million (1998 est.)
                  GDP - real growth rate: NA%
                        GDP - per capita: purchasing power parity - $600 (1998
             GDP - composition by sector: agriculture: NA%
                                          industry: NA%
                                          services: NA%
           Population below poverty line: NA%
       Household income or consumption by lowest 10%: NA%
                        percentage share: highest 10%: NA%
        Inflation rate (consumer prices): NA%
                             Labor force: NA
                       Unemployment rate: 45% (1997)
                                  Budget: revenues: $NA
                                          expenditures: $73 million, including
                                          capital expenditures of $NA (1991
                              Industries: newly created lobster and shrimp
                                          industry, construction
       Industrial production growth rate: NA%
                Electricity - production: NA kWh
      Electricity - production by source: fossil fuel: NA%
                                          hydro: NA%
                                          other: NA%
                                          nuclear: NA%
               Electricity - consumption: NA kWh
                  Agriculture - products: vanilla, ylang-ylang (perfume
                                          essence), coffee, copra
                                 Exports: $3.44 million (f.o.b., 1997)
                   Exports - commodities: ylang-ylang (perfume essence),
                                          vanilla, copra, coconuts, coffee,
                      Exports - partners: France 80%, Comoros 15%, Reunion
                                 Imports: $141.3 million (f.o.b., 1997)
                   Imports - commodities: food, machinery and equipment,
                                          transportation equipment, metals,
                      Imports - partners: France 66%, Africa 14%, Southeast
                                          Asia 11% (1997)
                         Debt - external: $NA
                Economic aid - recipient: $107.7 million (1995); note -
                                          extensive French financial
                                Currency: euro (EUR); French franc (FRF)
                           Currency code: EUR; FRF
                          Exchange rates: euros per US dollar - 1.1324
                                          (January 2002), 1.1175 (2001),
                                          1.0854 (2000), 0.9386 (1999); French
                                          francs per US dollar - 5.8995
                                          (1998), 5.8367 (1997)
                             Fiscal year: calendar year
     Communications Mayotte
          Telephones - main lines in use: 9,314 (1997)
            Telephones - mobile cellular: 0 (2000)
                        Telephone system: general assessment: small system
                                          administered by French Department of
                                          Posts and Telecommunications
                                          domestic: NA
                                          international: microwave radio relay
                                          and HF radiotelephone communications
                                          to Comoros (2001)
                Radio broadcast stations: AM 1, FM 5, shortwave 0 (2001)
                                  Radios: NA
           Television broadcast stations: 3 (2001)
                             Televisions: 3,500 (1994)
                   Internet country code: .yt
       Internet Service Providers (ISPs): NA
                          Internet users: NA
     Transportation Mayotte
                                          Railways: 0 km (2002)
                                          Highways: total: 93 km
                                                    paved: 72 km
                                                    unpaved: 21 km
                                         Waterways: none
                                 Ports and harbors: Dzaoudzi
                                   Merchant marine: none (2002 est.)
                                          Airports: 1 (2001)
                     Airports - with paved runways: total: 1
                                                    1,524 to 2,437 m: 1 (2001)
     Military Mayotte
                           Military - note: defense is the responsibility of
                                            France; small contingent of French
                                            forces stationed on the island
     Transnational Issues Mayotte
                                  Disputes - international: claimed by Comoros

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