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From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Ivan Sutherland
     Ivan E. Sutherland is widely known for his pioneering
     contributions.  His 1963 MIT PhD thesis, Sketchpad, opened
     the field of computer graphics.  His 1966 work, with Sproull,
     on a head-mounted display anticipated today's virtual
     reality by 25 years.  He co-founded Evans and Sutherland,
     which manufactures the most advanced computer image generators
     now in use.  As head of Computer Science Department of
     Caltech he helped make integrated circuit design an
     acceptable field of academic study.  Dr. Sutherland is on the
     boards of several small companies and is a member of the
     National Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of
     Sciences, the ACM and IEEE.  He received the ACM's
     Turing Award in 1988.  He is now Vice President and Fellow
     of Sun Microsystems Laboratories in Mountain View, CA, USA.

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