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 for Internet Engineering Task Force
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Internet Engineering Task Force
      (IETF) The IETF is a large, open
     international community of network designers, operators,
     vendors and researchers whose purpose is to coordinate the
     operation, management and evolution of the Internet and to
     resolve short- and mid-range protocol and architectural
     issues.  It is a major source of proposals for protocol
     standards which are submitted to the Internet Architecture
     Board (IAB) for final approval.  The IETF meets three times a
     year and extensive minutes are included in the IETF
     The IETF Secretariat, run by The Corporation for National
     Research Initiatives with funding from the US government,
     maintains an index of Internet-Drafts whereas RFCs are
     maintained by The Internet Architecture Board.

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