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 for Interlisp
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

      A dialect of Lisp developed in 1967 by Bolt,
     Beranek and Newman (Cambridge, MA) as a descendant of
     BBN-Lisp.  It emphasises user interfaces.  It is
     currently[?] supported by Xerox PARC.
     Interlisp was one of two main branches of LISP (the other
     being MACLISP).  In 1981 Common LISP was begun in an
     effort to combine the best features of both.  Interlisp
     includes a Lisp programming environment.  It is dynamically
     scoped.  LAMBDA functions evaluate their arguments, NLAMBDA
     functions do not.  Any function could be called with optional
     See also AM, CLISP, Interlisp-10, Interlisp-D.
     ["Interlisp Programming Manual", W. Teitelman, TR, Xerox Rec
     Ctr 1975].

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