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 for ISO 3166
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  country code
  ISO 3166
      Originally, a two-letter abbreviation
     for a particular country (or geographical region), generally
     used as a top-level domain.
     Originally country codes were just for countries; but country
     codes have been allocated for many areas (mostly islands) that
     aren't countries, such as Antarctica (aq), Christmas Island
     (cx) and Saint Pierre et Miquelon (pm).
     Country codes are defined in ISO 3166 and are used as the
     top level domain for Internet hostnames in most countries
     but hardly ever in the USA (code "us").  ISO 3166 defines
     short and full english and french names, two- and three-letter
     codes and a three-digit code for each country.
     There are also language codes.
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