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 for IP address
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  IP address
  Internet address
  IP number
      (Internet address) The 32-bit number uniquely
     identifying a node on a network using Internet Protocol,
     as defined in STD 5, RFC 791.  An IP address is normally
     displayed in dotted decimal notation, e.g.
     The address can be split into a network number (or network
     address) and a host number unique to each host on the
     network and sometimes also a subnet address.
     The way the address is split depends on its "class", A, B or C
     (but see also CIDR).  The class is determined by the high
     address bits:
     Class A - high bit 0, 7-bit network number, 24-bit host
     number.  n1.a.a.a 0 <= n1 <= 127
     Class B - high 2 bits 10, 14-bit network number, 16-bit host
     number.  n1.n2.a.a 128 <= n1 <= 191
     Class C - high 3 bits 110, 21-bit network number, 8-bit host
     number.  n1.n2.n3.a 192 <= n1 <= 223
     DNS translates a node's fully qualified domain name to an
     Internet address which ARP (or constant mapping)
     translates to an Ethernet address.
     [{Jargon File]

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