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 for Eiffel
From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) :

      n 1: French engineer who constructed the Eiffel Tower
           (1832-1923) [syn: Eiffel, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel]

From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

      An object-oriented language produced by Bertrand
     Meyer in 1985.  Eiffel has classes with multiple
     inheritance and repeated inheritance, deferred classes
     (like Smalltalk's abstract class), and clusters of
     classes.  Objects can have both static types and dynamic
     types.  The dynamic type must be a descendant of the static
     (declared) type.  Dynamic binding resolves multiple
     inheritance clashes.  It has flattened forms of classes, in
     which all of the inherited features are added at the same
     level and generic classes parametrised by type.
     Other features are persistent objects, garbage collection,
     exception handling, foreign language interface.  Classes
     may be equipped with assertions (routine preconditions and
     postconditions, class invariants) implementing the theory of
     "{Design by Contract" and helping produce more reliable
     Eiffel is compiled to C.  It comes with libraries containing
     several hundred classes: data structures and algorithms
     (EiffelBase), graphics and user interfaces (EiffelVision) and
     language analysis (EiffelLex, EiffelParse).
     The first release of Eiffel was release 1.4, introduced at the
     first OOPSLA in October 1986.  The language proper was first
     described in a University of California, Santa Barbara report
     dated September 1985.
     Eiffel is available, with different libraries, from several
     sources including Interactive Software Engineering, USA (ISE
     Eiffel version 3.3); Sig Computer GmbH, Germany (Eiffel/S);
     and Tower, Inc., Austin (Tower Eiffel).
     The language definition is administered by an open
     organisation, the Nonprofit International Consortium for
     Eiffel (NICE).  There is a standard kernel library.
     An Eiffel source checker and compiler front-end is
     See also Sather, Distributed Eiffel, Lace, shelf.
     E-mail: .
     ["Eiffel: The Language", Bertrand Meyer, P-H 1992].

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