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From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Douglas Engelbart
  Engelbart, Douglas
      Douglas C. Engelbart, the inventor of the mouse.
     On 1968-12-09, Douglas C. Engelbart and the group of 17
     researchers working with him in the Augmentation Research
     Center at Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park,
     California, USA, presented a 90-minute live public
     demonstration of the on live system, NLS, they had been
     working on since 1962.  The presentation was a session in the
     of the Fall Joint Computer Conference held at the Convention
     Center in San Francisco, and it was attended by about 1000
     computer professionals.  This was the public debut of the
     computer mouse, hypertext, object addressing, dynamic file
     linking and shared-screen collaboration involving two persons
     at different sites communicating over a network with audio and
     video interface.
     The original 90-minute video: Hyperlinks
     http://vodreal.stanford.edu/engel/08engel200.ram)">(http://vodreal.stanford.edu/engel/08engel200.ram), Mouse
     http://www2.bootstrap.org/dce-bio.htm)">Biography (http://www2.bootstrap.org/dce-bio.htm).
     Tia O'Brien, "The Mouse", Silicon Valley News

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