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 for Data Encryption Standard
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Data Encryption Standard
     (DES) The NBS's popular, standard encryption algorithm.
     It is a product cipher that operates on 64-bit blocks of
     data, using a 56-bit key.  It is defined in FIPS 46-1 (1988)
     (which supersedes FIPS 46 (1977)).  DES is identical to the
     ANSI standard Data Encryption Algorithm (DEA) defined in
     ANSI X3.92-1981.
     DES has been implemented in VLSI.  SunOS provides a des
     command which can make use of DES hardware if fitted.  Neither
     the software nor the hardware are supposed to be distributed
     outside the USA.
     Unix manual pages: des(1), des(3), des(4).

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