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 for Cyrix 6x86
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Cyrix 6x86
      (6x86) IBM and Cyrix's sixth-generation,
     64-bit 80x86-compatible microprocessor.  The 6x86 combines
     aspects of both RISC and CISC.  It has a superscalar,
     superpipelined core, and performs register renaming,
     speculative execution, out-of-order completion, and data
     dependency removal.  It has a 16-kilobyte primary cache and
     is socket-compatible with the Pentium P54C.  It has four
     performance levels: PR 120+, PR 150+, PR 166+ and PR 200+.
     The chip was designed by Cyrix and is manufactured by IBM.
     The architecture of the 6x86 is more advanced than that of the
     Pentium, incorporating some of the features of Intel's
     Pentium Pro.  At a given clock rate it executes most code
     more quickly than a Pentium would.  However, its FPU is
     considerably less efficient than Intel's.
     IBM FAQ
     Cyrix FAQ

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