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From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

      A large knowledge-based system.
     Cyc is a very large, multi-contextual knowledge base and
     inference engine, the development of which started at the
     Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC)
     in Austin, Texas during the early 1980s.
     Over the past eleven years the members of the Cyc team, lead
     by Doug Lenat, have added to the knowledge base a huge
     amount of fundamental human knowledge: facts, rules of
     thumb, and heuristics for reasoning about the objects and
     events of modern everyday life.
     Cyc is an attempt to do symbolic AI on a massive scale.  It
     is not based on numerical methods such as statistical
     probabilities, nor is it based on neural networks or fuzzy
     logic.  All of the knowledge in Cyc is represented
     declaratively in the form of logical assertions.  Cyc
     presently contains approximately 400,000 significant
     assertions, which include simple statements of fact, rules
     about what conclusions to draw if certain statements of fact
     are satisfied, and rules about how to reason with certain
     types of facts and rules.  The inference engine derives new
     conclusions using deductive reasoning.
     To date, Cyc has made possible ground-breaking pilot
     applications in the areas of heterogeneous database browsing
     and integration, captioned image retrieval, and natural
     language processing.
     In January of 1995, a new independent company named Cycorp was
     created to continue the Cyc project.  Cycorp is still in
     Austin, Texas.  The president of Cycorp is Doug Lenat.
     The development of Cyc has been supported by several
     organisations, including Apple, Bellcore, DEC, DoD,
     Interval, Kodak, and Microsoft.
     http://robotwisdom.com/ai/cycfaq.html)">Unofficial FAQ (http://robotwisdom.com/ai/cycfaq.html).

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