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 for Apple Computer, Inc.
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  Apple Computer, Inc.
      Manufacturers of the Macintosh range of personal
     computers as well as the earlier Apple I, Apple II and
     Lisa.  Founded on 1 April 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve
     Apples were among the first microcomputers.  They originally
     used the 6502 processor and are still being made (August
     1994), now using the 65816.  The Apple II line, which
     includes the Apple I, is the longest existing line of
     Steve Jobs left Apple (involuntarily) and started NeXT and
     later returned when Apple bought NeXT in late 1997(?).
     Quarterly sales $2150M, profits $138M (Aug 1994).
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