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From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0:
  ============ moby-thesaurus ============
  Title:  Moby Thesaurus II
  Author:  Grady Ward, grady@gradyward.com
  Edition: 1.0
  Moby (tm) Thesaurus II Documentation Notes
  This documentation, the software and/or database are:
  Public Domain material by grant from the author, January, 2001.
  Moby Thesaurus is the largest and most comprehensive thesaurus data
  source in English available for commercial use.  This second edition
  has been thoroughly revised adding more than 5,000 root words (to
  total more than 30,000) with an additional _million_ synonyms and
  related terms (to total more than 2.5 _million_ synonyms and related

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