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 for thing
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  285 Moby Thesaurus words for "thing":
     accomplished fact, accomplishment, achievement, act, acta, action,
     activities, activity, adventure, affair, affairs, affection,
     affinity, an existence, apparatus, apparel, area, article,
     artifact, aspect, attire, attitude, aversion, bag, baggage, being,
     belongings, bent, bias, blow, body, business, case, chance,
     chattels, chore, chosen kind, circumstance, circumstances, clobber,
     clothes, clothing, commerce, concern, concernment, concerns,
     constituent, contrivance, count, coup, crap, craze, creature,
     critter, cry, cup of tea, datum, dealings, deed, detail,
     detestation, device, dingus, dislike, dofunny, dohickey, doing,
     doings, dojigger, dojiggy, domajig, domajigger, doodad, dowhacky,
     dress, druthers, duds, effects, effort, element, employ,
     employment, endeavor, entelechy, enterprise, entity, episode,
     eppes, equipment, etwas, event, events, existence, existent,
     exploit, facet, fact, factor, fad, fait accompli, fancy, fashion,
     favor, fear, feat, feature, feeling, fetish, field, fixation,
     flumadiddle, forte, function, furore, gadget, gear, gest,
     gigamaree, gimmick, gizmo, go, goods, habiliments, hand, handiwork,
     hang-up, happening, happenings, hickey, hootenanny, hootmalalie,
     horror, idee fixe, impedimenta, implements, incident, incidental,
     inclination, individual, instance, instrument, interest, item,
     jigger, job, junk, labor, lares and penates, leaning, life, liking,
     line, loathing, long suit, lookout, love, luggage, main interest,
     maneuver, mania, manner, material, material thing, matter, matters,
     measure, mechanism, metier, minor detail, minutia, minutiae, mode,
     monad, movables, move, object, obsession, occasion, occupation,
     operation, opportunity, organism, overt act, paraphernalia,
     partiality, particular, particular choice, passage, passion,
     performance, person, persona, personal choice, personality,
     pet subject, phobia, point, possession, possessions, possibility,
     predilection, predisposition, preference, prejudice, preoccupation,
     prepossession, proceeding, proclivity, production, pursuit,
     quelque chose, quirk, rage, raiment, reaction, regard, res gestae,
     respect, responsibility, right, rightfulness, rightness, sentiment,
     service, shit, something, soul, specialism, speciality,
     specialization, specialty, step, stroke, strong point, stuff,
     stunt, style, subject, substance, task, taste, technicality,
     tendency, terror, the last word, the latest thing,
     the latest wrinkle, the proper thing, the rage, the seemly,
     the thing, thing done, things, thingum, thingumabob, thingumadad,
     thingumadoodle, thingumajig, thingumajigger, thingumaree,
     thingummy, togs, tools, tour de force, transaction, traps, trend,
     tricks, turn, type, undertaking, unit, utensil, utensils, vocation,
     vogue, way, weakness, what is done, what is right, what should be,
     whatchy, widget, work, works

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