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 for talk
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  386 Moby Thesaurus words for "talk":
     accent, accents, address, advertise, after-dinner speech, air,
     allocution, analyze, argot, assignment, babble, back-fence gossip,
     balderdash, balls, ballyhoo, bat the breeze, be in connection,
     be in contact, be indiscreet, be unguarded, belittle, betray,
     betray a confidence, blab, blabber, blather, blether, blurt,
     blurt out, bluster, boast, bosh, brag, bring round, bruit, bull,
     bull session, bullshit, bunk, bunkum, buzz, cackle, canard, cant,
     canvass, causerie, chalk talk, chat, chatter, chin, chinfest,
     chitchat, choice of words, clack, claptrap, clatter, colloque,
     colloquialize, colloquy, come clean, comment, comment upon,
     commerce with, common talk, commune with, communicate,
     communicate with, composition, confab, confabulate, confabulation,
     confer, conference, confess, consider, consult, consultation,
     controvert, conversation, converse, converse with, convince, crap,
     criticize, crow, cry, deal with, debate, declaim, declamation,
     deliberate, deliberate upon, deliberation, deliver an address,
     denigrate, deprecate, depreciate, dialect, dialogue, diatribe,
     diction, diminish, discourse, discourse about, discuss, discussion,
     disparage, disquisition, dissertation, dither, dope, duologue,
     elocution, eulogy, exaggerate, examine, exchange, exchange views,
     exercise, exhortation, exposition, expression, filibuster, flap,
     flying rumor, forensic, forensic address, formal speech,
     formulation, funeral oration, gab, gabble, gas, gibber,
     gibble-gabble, give a talk, give away, go into, go on, gossip,
     gossiping, gossipmongering, gossipry, grammar, grapevine, grass,
     groundless rumor, gush, handle, harangue, have dealings with,
     have intercourse, have truck with, haver, hearsay, hogwash, hokum,
     hold communication, homework, homily, hooey, hortatory address,
     hot air, hype, idea afloat, idiom, idle talk, inaugural,
     inaugural address, info, inform, inform on, information,
     instruction, interchange, intercommunicate, invective, investigate,
     jabber, jargon, jargonize, jaw, jeremiad, knock, knock around,
     language, langue, latrine rumor, leak, lecture,
     lecture-demonstration, lesson, let drop, let fall, let slip, lingo,
     lingua, locution, malarkey, manner of speaking, meeting, minimize,
     moral, moral lesson, morality, moralization, mouth, natter,
     negotiation, news, news stirring, newsmongering, nonsense,
     object lesson, on-dit, oral communication, oration, palaver, pan,
     parlance, parley, parole, pass under review, patois, patronize,
     patter, peach, pep talk, peroration, personal usage, persuade,
     philippic, phrase, phraseology, phrasing, piece of gossip, piffle,
     pitch, platform, plug, poppycock, pour forth, powwow, prate,
     prattle, prattling, preachment, prepared speech, prepared text,
     presentation, promote, prose, public speech, publicize, push,
     put down, question-and-answer session, ramble on, rap, rap session,
     rapping, rat, rattle, rattle on, reading, reason, reason about,
     reason the point, recital, recitation, reel off, report,
     retail gossip, reveal a secret, review, rhetoric, roorback,
     rubbish, rumble, rumor, run on, sales talk, salutatory,
     salutatory address, say, screed, scuttlebutt, sermon, set speech,
     set task, shoot the breeze, sift, sing, skull session, soapbox,
     speak, speak to, speak with, speaking, speech, speechification,
     speechify, speeching, spiel, spill, spill the beans, sponsor,
     spout, spout off, squeal, stool, story, study, stuff and nonsense,
     stump, support, sway, take the floor, take the stump, take up,
     tale, talebearing, taletelling, talk about, talk away, talk big,
     talk down, talk into, talk nonsense, talk of, talk on, talk over,
     talkathon, talkfest, talking, task, tattle, tattle on, teaching,
     tell idle tales, tell on, tell secrets, tell tales, tete-a-tete,
     thresh out, tirade, tittle-tattle, tongue, town talk, traffic with,
     treat, trialogue, tripe, twaddle, twattle, unconfirmed report,
     usage, use, use language, use of words, usus loquendi, utter,
     utterance, valediction, valedictory, valedictory address, vaunt,
     ventilate, verbalization, verbalize, verbiage, visit, vocalize,
     voice, waffle, wag the tongue, way of speaking, whisper, wordage,
     wording, words, yak, yakkety-yak, yakking, yam, yarn

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