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 for spur
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  225 Moby Thesaurus words for "spur":
     accelerate, activation, actuation, aculeate, acuminate, animate,
     appendage, arm, arouse, awaken, barb, barbel, barbule, bill, bough,
     branch, brashly, breakwater, bundle, bustle, cage, cape, catalyst,
     cheer on, chersonese, cog, comb, coral reef, corral, countenance,
     crag, crest, crowd, cuspidate, delta, dispatch, drive, drive on,
     drove, edge, egg on, encourage, encouragement, excitant, excite,
     exhort, expedite, fang, favor, file, flog, foreland, forward, gad,
     gadfly, gaff, goad, goad on, grind, hand, harrow, haste, hasten,
     hasten on, hastily, head, headland, herd, hie on, hilltop, hone,
     hook, hound on, hurry, hurry along, hurry on, hurry up, hustle,
     hustle up, imp, impel, impetuously, impetus, impromptu, impulse,
     impulsively, incautiously, incentive, incitation, incite,
     incitement, induce, inducement, instigate, instigation, jag, joint,
     knoll, lash, leg, limb, link, lobe, lobule, lofty peak, member,
     motivate, motivation, motive, mountaintop, mull, naze, needle,
     ness, nudge, offshoot, oilstone, on the spot, organ, oxgoad, peak,
     pecten, peninsula, pic, pico, pike, pinion, pinnacle, point, poke,
     precipice, precipitate, press, pressure, prick, process, prod,
     projection, promontory, prompt, prompting, prong, propel,
     provocation, provoke, punch cattle, push, push on, push through,
     quicken, quill, railroad through, rake, rally, ramification,
     rashly, ratchet, recklessly, reef, reset, ride herd on, root on,
     round up, rouse, rowel, runner, rush, rush along, sandspit,
     sawtooth, scion, set, sharpen, shepherd, sic, snag, snaggle, speed,
     speed along, speed on, speed up, spiculate, spike, spine, spire,
     spit, spray, sprig, sprocket, spur on, stampede, steeple,
     stimulant, stimulate, stimulation, stimulus, sting, stir, strap,
     strop, suddenly, summit, switch, tail, taper, tendril,
     thoughtlessly, tine, tongue, tooth, tor, twig, unexpectedly,
     unpremeditatedly, unthinkingly, urge, urge on, urging, whet, whip,
     whip along, whip on, whiplash, wing, wrangle

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