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 for spire
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  200 Moby Thesaurus words for "spire":
     acme, antenna tower, anthrophore, apex, apogee, arise, ascend,
     aspire, axis, barbican, become airborne, belfry, bell tower, blade,
     bole, bract, bracteole, bractlet, brow, buss the clouds, campanile,
     cane, cap, carpophore, caudex, caulicle, caulis, claw skyward,
     climax, cloud nine, cog, colossus, column, comb, come up,
     cotyledon, crag, crest, crown, culm, culmen, culmination, cupola,
     curl upwards, derrick, dome, edge, extreme limit, extremity, fang,
     fire tower, flag, float, floral leaf, fly, fly aloft, foliole,
     footstalk, frond, funicule, funiculus, gain altitude, glume, go up,
     grow up, hang, harrow, haulm, heaven, heavens, height, high noon,
     highest pitch, highest point, hover, involucre, involucrum, jag,
     kite, lamina, lantern, leaf, leaflet, leafstalk, leave the ground,
     lemma, levitate, lighthouse, ligule, limit, loom, martello,
     martello tower, mast, maximum, meridian, minaret, monument, mount,
     mountaintop, ne plus ultra, needle, no place higher, noon, obelisk,
     observation tower, pagoda, peak, pecten, pedicel, peduncle, petal,
     petiole, petiolule, petiolus, pilaster, pile, pillar, pine needle,
     pinnacle, pitch, plane, point, poise, pole, projection, pylon,
     pyramid, rake, ratchet, rear, rear up, reed, ridge, rise, rise up,
     sawtooth, seed leaf, seedstalk, sepal, seventh heaven, shaft, sky,
     skyscraper, snag, snaggle, soar, spathe, spear, spiral, sprocket,
     spur, stalk, stand on tiptoe, stand up, standpipe, steeple, stem,
     stipe, stipula, stipule, stock, straw, stupa, summit, surge,
     swarm up, sweep up, take off, television mast, tigella, tip,
     tip-top, tooth, top, tope, tour, tower, trunk, turret, up, upgo,
     upgrow, upheave, upmost, upper extremity, uppermost, uprise,
     upspin, upstream, upsurge, upswarm, upwind, utmost, vertex,
     very top, water tower, windmill tower, zenith, zoom

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