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 for spin
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  215 Moby Thesaurus words for "spin":
     Charybdis, Sunday drive, advance, airing, angle, angular momentum,
     angular motion, angular velocity, ascend, axial motion, back,
     back up, bait the hook, bank, bob, bowling, budge, centrifugate,
     centrifugation, centrifuge, change, change place, circle,
     circulate, circulation, circumgyration, circumrotate,
     circumrotation, circumvolute, clam, climb, come about, concoct,
     continue, crab, crack up, crank, crash, dap, derive, descend,
     devise, dib, dibble, dip, dizzy, dizzy round, drag out, draw out,
     drive, ebb, eddy, excursion, extend, fabricate, feather,
     fetch about, filament, fish, fishtail, flat spin, flow, fluster,
     fly-fish, full circle, get over, giddy, gig, gin, go, go about,
     go around, go fishing, go round, go sideways, grig, guddle, gurge,
     gyrate, gyration, gyre, heel, invent, jack, jacklight, jaunt, jig,
     joyride, keep alive, keep going, lift, loop, maelstrom, make up,
     mix up, mount, move, move over, muddle, narrate, net, oscillate,
     outing, pendulate, perpetuate, pickup, pirouette, pivot,
     pivot about, pivoting, plow, plunge, porpoise, produce, progress,
     prolong, protract, pull out, pull up, purl, push down, put about,
     rat race, recount, reel, reeling, regress, relate, retail,
     retrogress, revolution, revolve, revolving, ride, rise, roll,
     rolling, rotate, rotating, rotation, rotational motion, round, run,
     screw, seine, separate, shift, shred, shrimp, sideslip, sink, skid,
     soar, spin off, spin out, spinning, spiral, still-fish, stir,
     stream, stretch out, stunt, subside, surge, swim, swing,
     swing round, swinging, swirl, swirling, swivel, swiveling,
     tailspin, tell, torch, tour, travel, trawl, troll, trolling,
     trundling, turbination, turn, turn a pirouette, turn about,
     turn around, turn round, turn tail, turning, twirl, twirling,
     twist, undulate, unfold, veer, veer around, vibrate, volutation,
     volution, vortex, wamble, wane, weave, whale, wheel, wheel about,
     wheeling, whir, whirl, whirligig, whirling, whirlpool, whirlwind,
     wind, yaw

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