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 for parts
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  571 Moby Thesaurus words for "parts":
     AF amplifier, AFC, AFC mixer, CRT, CW oscillator, FM detector,
     PCV valve, RF amplifier, TR switch, TR unit, ability, accelerator,
     adder, adjustable propeller, afterburner, aileron, air controls,
     air scoop, airscrew, airspace, alternator, altimeter, ammeter,
     amplifier, analytical control unit, analyzer, anode,
     antenna filter, area, arm, armature, armhole, armlet, astrodome,
     autoconverter, autostarter, autotransformer, back, baffle,
     balance rudder, ballonet, basket, batten, battery charger, bay,
     beaching gear, beak, beakhead, beam, bearings, belt, bilge keelson,
     bitt, blanking amplifier, blister, board, body, boiler, bollard,
     bollard timber, bomb bay, bonnet, boot, bosom, bow, brace wire,
     bracket plate, brake, bridge, brush, bubble, bubble canopy,
     bubble hood, bucket seat, bulkhead, bulwarks, bump, bumper, bypass,
     cabin, caliber, cam, cam cleat, camshaft, canopy, cap, capability,
     capacitor, capacity, capstan, car, carburetor, carling,
     cascade screen, casemate, cat strip, cathead, cathode,
     cathode-ray tube, catwalk, ceiling, census, centerboard,
     channel filter, charger, chassis, chin, choke, choking coil, cleat,
     clutch, coattail, coaxial cable, coaxial propellers, cockpit,
     coder, coil, coke-bottle fuselage, collar, collarband, collator,
     commutator, companion, companionway, compensator, compiler,
     composition, condenser, confines, connecting rod, conning tower,
     consciousness, constituents, content, contents, continental shelf,
     contrast control, control surface, control wires, controller,
     converter, convertible top, corridor, counter, country, coupling,
     cowl, crank, crankcase, crankshaft, crew compartment, cuff, cutout,
     cutwater, cylinder, cylinder head, daggerboard, dart, dash,
     dashboard, davit, deadwood, deck, decoder, deflection generator,
     demodulator, department, detector, dial, differential, dihedral,
     discriminator, distributor, district, divider, division, divisions,
     dorsal airdome, dower, dowry, dual controls, dynamo, dynamotor,
     ejection seat, ejector, electrode, electron tubes, electrophorus,
     electroscope, elements, elevator, elevon, encoder, endowment,
     entrance, envelope, environs, equipment, exciter, exhaust,
     exhaust pipe, exploring element, facing, faculties, faculty, fan,
     fantail, fender, figurehead, filter, fin, finger patch, flair,
     flap, float, fly, flywheel, forefoot, foresheets, foretop, forte,
     frame, freeboard, frequency control, frequency converter,
     frequency doubler, frequency meter, fuel injector, fuse, fuselage,
     futtock, galvanic pile, galvanoscope, gangplank, gangway,
     garboard strake, gas chamber, gas-shaft hood, gear, gearbox, gears,
     gearshift, generator, genius, gift, gondola, gore, grid, ground,
     gudgeon, gull wing, gun mount, gunnel, gunwale, gusset, guts,
     hard-tube pulser, hatch, hatchway, hawse, hawse timber, hawsehole,
     hawsepiece, hawsepipe, head, headlight, headrest, heartland,
     heater, heel, heterodyne, hinterland, hood, horizontal deflector,
     horn, ignition, index, inductor, ingredients, innards, insides,
     instinct, instruments, insulator, intake, integrator,
     intellectual gifts, intellectuals, interrupter, inventory, island,
     items, jackstay, jet pipe, jumper, keel, keel and keelson, keelson,
     kevel, knee, knob, laminar-flow system, land, landing gear, lap,
     lapel, larboard, launching gear, launching tube, lead-in wire,
     leading edge, lee, lee side, leeward, leg, lightning rod, limiter,
     list, local oscillator, long suit, longeron, magnet, magneto,
     magnetoscope, magnetron, maintop, makings, manifold, memory tubes,
     metier, microwave mixer, milieu, mixer, mizzentop, modulator,
     monitor, mooring harness, motor-generator, muffler, multiplier,
     nacelle, natural endowment, natural gift, neck, neckband,
     neighborhood, network pulser, nose, offshore rights, on-off switch,
     oscillator, oscilloscope, outlet, output transformer, paddle wheel,
     pants, parasitic suppressor, parasol wing, parking light, part,
     phase control, phase discriminator, photocathode,
     photoelectric cells, picture control, picture detector, pile,
     pinafore, pintle, piston, piston rod, place, placket, planking,
     plug, pocket, pocket flap, pod, points, pontoon, poop, port,
     porthole, portside, position coder, post, potential, potentiometer,
     power, power amplifier, power brakes, power pack, power plug,
     power steering, power supply, power transformer, powers,
     preamplifier, precincts, premises, preselector, printer,
     program discriminator, program feed, prop, propeller, prow, pulpit,
     pulse generator, purlieus, push button, qualification, quarter,
     radiator, radio units, radio-frequency amplifier, rail,
     range-sweep amplifier, range-sweep generator, reactor,
     rear-view mirror, receiver, receptacle, receptor, rectifier,
     region, relay, resistance box, resistor, rheostat, rib, rubrail,
     rudder, rudder bar, rudderpost, rudderstock, run, salient, sandbag,
     screen, scupper, scuttle, scuttlebutt, seat, seat belt,
     second detector, section, selector, self-starter, selsyn, senses,
     shading amplifier, shaft tunnel, sheave hole, sheer strake, sheets,
     shelf, shelfpiece, shirttail, shock absorber, shoulder pad, shunt,
     signal generator, skeg, ski landing gear, sleeve, slitwing,
     snorkel, socket, soil, space, spark coil, spark plug, speaker,
     speciality, speedometer, spinner, spoiler, spray strip, springs,
     square-wave generator, stabilizator, stabilizer, stanchion,
     starboard, starter, stay, steering wheel, stem,
     step-down transformer, stern, stick, stick control, storage unit,
     strake, strap, stressed skin, strong flair, strong point, strut,
     subcloud car, superstructure, switch, synchronizer,
     synchronous converter, tail, tail end, tail plane, tail skid,
     talent, talents, tap, terminal, terrain, territory, the goods,
     the stuff, three-mile limit, tiller, time switch, timer,
     timing unit, toggle switch, tone control, top, tracker,
     transformer, transistor, transmission, transmission line,
     transmitter, transom, trickle charger, trigatron, trimmer, truck,
     truss, turret, twelve-mile limit, undercarriage, universal, valve,
     vicinage, vicinity, voltage changer, voltage regulator,
     voltage transformer, volume control, waist, waterline, waterway,
     wave trap, weather, weather side, weatherboard, what it takes,
     wheel, wheel parts, whole, winch, windlass, windscreen, windshield,
     windward, wing, wing radiator, wits, wristband, yoke, zipper,

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