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 for gross
From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  497 Moby Thesaurus words for "gross":
     Adamic, Boeotian, C, Circean, Doric, Rabelaisian, abhorrent,
     abject, abominable, absolute, adipose, afford, aggregate, all,
     all-embracing, all-inclusive, animal, animalistic, arrant, asinine,
     atrocious, avails, awful, barbaric, barbarous, barnyard, base,
     bawdy, be-all and end-all, beastlike, beastly, beef-brained,
     beef-witted, beefy, beggarly, below contempt, beneath contempt,
     bestial, bicentenary, bicentennial, big, big-bellied, blameworthy,
     blatant, bloated, blockish, blowzy, bodily, bosomy, bovine,
     box office, brawny, bring in, broad, broad-bodied, brutal, brute,
     brutish, bulky, bullnecked, burly, buxom, cacophonous, capital,
     capital gains, capitalize on, carnal, carnal-minded, cash in on,
     cental, centare, centenarian, centenary, centennial, centennium,
     centigram, centimeter, centipede, centistere, centred, centref,
     centrev, centumvir, centumvirate, centurion, century, cheesy,
     chubby, chumpish, chunky, classical, clean up, cleanup, clear,
     clear profit, cloddish, clumsy, coarse, coarse-grained, coin money,
     commercialize, commissions, complete, comprehensive, consummate,
     contemptible, corporeal, corpulent, cowish, crass, credit, credits,
     cross-grained, crude, crummy, cumbersome, cwt, damned, debased,
     decided, definitive, degraded, dense, deplorable, depraved,
     despicable, detestable, dire, dirty, disgusting, disposable income,
     distended, dividend, dividends, doggerel, doltish, downright,
     dreadful, dullard, dumb, dumpy, duncical, duncish, dysphemistic,
     earn, earned income, earnings, earthy, egregious, enormous, entire,
     entirety, evident, excessive, execrable, exhaustive, exorbitant,
     extreme, exuberant, fallen, fat, fattish, fetid, filthy,
     filthy lucre, flagrant, fleshly, fleshy, flourishing, forbidding,
     foul, frank, full, full-bodied, fulsome, gain, gain by, gains,
     gate, gate receipts, gaudy, get, gettings, glaring, gleanings,
     graceless, grained, grainy, granular, granulated, grave, great,
     grievous, gritty, gross income, gross profit, gross receipts,
     gutter, harsh, hateful, heavy, heavyset, hecatomb, hefty, heinous,
     hippy, hoard, holistic, horrible, horrid, hundred, hundredweight,
     ignoble, immoderate, impenetrable, imposing, improper, impure,
     in bad taste, inappropriate, inclusive, income, inconcinnate,
     inconcinnous, incorrect, indecent, indecorous, indelicate,
     ineducable, inelegant, infamous, infelicitous, inordinate, intake,
     integral, integrated, interest, intolerable, jungled, jungly,
     killing, klutzy, lamentable, lapsed, large, lewd, little,
     loathsome, long hundred, loud, lousy, low, low-down, lucre, lumpen,
     lumpish, lush, lusty, luxuriant, make, make a killing, make money,
     make money by, makings, malodorous, mangy, manifest, massive,
     material, materialistic, mean, measly, meaty, mephitic,
     meretricious, miasmal, miasmic, miserable, monstrous, nasty,
     nauseating, neat profit, nefarious, net, net income, net profit,
     net receipts, noisome, nonspiritual, notorious, noxious, oafish,
     obese, objectionable, objective, obnoxious, obscene, obvious,
     odious, offensive, omnibus, one, one C, one and indivisible,
     opaque, orgiastic, out-and-out, outlandish, output, outrageous,
     outright, overall, overgrown, overrun, overweight, paltry,
     paper profits, paunchy, pay, pay off, pelf, percentage, perfect,
     perk, perks, perquisite, petty, phenomenal, physical, pickings,
     pitiable, pitiful, plain, plump, podgy, poky, ponderous, poor,
     pornographic, portly, positive, postlapsarian, potbellied,
     precious, proceeds, produce, profit, profits, profound, pronounced,
     proper, pudgy, puffy, pursy, rake-off, rank, raw, realize,
     realize on, rebarbative, receipt, receipts, receivables,
     regrettable, regular, repellent, reprehensible, reptilian,
     repugnant, repulsive, return, returns, revenue, revolting, ribald,
     riotous, roly-poly, rotten, rotund, rough, royalties, rude, sad,
     scabby, scandalous, scatological, schlock, scrubby, scruffy,
     scummy, scurvy, sensible, sensual, sesquicentenary,
     sesquicentennial, shabby, shameful, shattering, shocking, shoddy,
     sickening, small, smutty, sordid, sottish, squalid, square, squat,
     squatty, stalwart, stark, stark-staring, stinking, stocky, store,
     stout, strapping, stupid, substantial, sum, sum total, superlative,
     surpassing, swinish, swollen, take, take in, take-in, takings,
     tangible, tasteless, tercentenary, tercentennial, terrible,
     the veriest, thick, thick-bodied, thickset, thorough,
     thoroughgoing, three-dimensional, too bad, top-heavy, total,
     totality, tote, tubby, turn a penny, turn to account,
     turn to profit, unbearable, unclean, unconscionable, uncourtly,
     uncouth, uncultivated, uncultured, undeniable, undignified,
     unearned income, unequivocal, uneuphonious, unfelicitous,
     ungraceful, universal, unmentionable, unmitigated, unpolished,
     unqualified, unrefined, unrelieved, unseemly, unsophisticated,
     unspiritual, unspoiled, unteachable, unweeded, unwieldy, utter,
     vile, villainous, viscous, vulgar, wealth, weed-choked,
     weed-ridden, weedy, weighty, well-fed, whole, winnings, woeful,
     worst, worthless, wretched, wrongheaded, yield

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