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From The Jargon File (version 4.4.7, 29 Dec 2003) :

   /ravz/, Chinese ravs, n.
      [primarily MIT/Boston usage] Jiao-zi (steamed or boiled) or Guo-tie
      (pan-fried). A Chinese appetizer, known variously in the plural as
      dumplings, pot stickers (the literal translation of guo-tie), and (around
      Boston) ?Peking Ravioli?. The term rav is short for ?ravioli?, and among
      hackers always means the Chinese kind rather than the Italian kind. Both
      consist of a filling in a pasta shell, but the Chinese kind includes no
      cheese, uses a thinner pasta, has a pork-vegetable filling (good ones
      include Chinese chives), and is cooked differently, either by steaming or
      frying. A rav or dumpling can be cooked any way, but a potsticker is always
      the pan-fried kind (so called because it sticks to the frying pot and has
      to be scraped off). ?Let's get hot-and-sour soup and three orders of ravs.?
      See also oriental food.

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