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From The Jargon File (version 4.4.7, 29 Dec 2003) :

      A series of personal computer models originally sold by Commodore, based on
      680x0 processors, custom support chips and an operating system that
      combined some of the best features of Macintosh and Unix with compatibility
      with neither.
      The Amiga was released just as the personal computing world standardized on
      IBM-PC clones. This prevented it from gaining serious market share, despite
      the fact that the first Amigas had a substantial technological lead on the
      IBM XTs of the time. Instead, it acquired a small but zealous population of
      enthusiastic hackers who dreamt of one day unseating the clones (see Amiga
      Persecution Complex). The traits of this culture are both spoofed and
      illuminated in The BLAZE Humor Viewer. The strength of the Amiga platform
      seeded a small industry of companies building software and hardware for the
      platform, especially in graphics and video applications (see video toaster
      Due to spectacular mismanagement, Commodore did hardly any R&D, allowing
      the competition to close Amiga's technological lead. After Commodore went
      bankrupt in 1994 the technology passed through several hands, none of whom
      did much with it. However, the Amiga is still being produced in Europe
      under license and has a substantial number of fans, which will probably
      extend the platform's life considerably.

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