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From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  central processing unit
      (CPU, processor) The part of a
     computer which controls all the other parts.  Designs vary
     widely but the CPU generally consists of the control unit,
     the arithmetic and logic unit (ALU), registers, temporary
     buffers and various other logic.
     The control unit fetches instructions from memory and
     decodes them to produce signals which control the other parts
     of the computer.  These signals cause it to transfer data
     between memory and ALU or to activate peripherals to perform
     input or output.
     Various types of memory, including cache, RAM and ROM,
     are often considered to be part of the CPU, particularly in
     modern microprocessors where a single integrated circuit
     may contain one or more processors as well as any or all of
     the above types of memory.  The CPU, and any of these
     components that are in separate chips, are usually all located
     on the same printed circuit board, known as the
     motherboard.  This in turn is located in the system unit
     (sometimes incorrectly referred to as the "CPU").
     A parallel computer has several CPUs which may share other
     resources such as memory and peripherals.
     The term "processor" has to some extent replaced "CPU", though
     RAM and ROM are not logically part of the processor.
     List of processors

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