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 for ''serial port''
From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

  serial port
      (Or "com port") A connector on a
     computer to which you can attach a serial line connected to
     peripherals which communicate using a serial (bit-stream)
     protocol.  The most common type of serial port is a 25-pin
     D-type connector carrying EIA-232 signals.  Smaller
     connectors (e.g. 9-pin D-type) carrying a subset of EIA-232
     are often used on personal computers.  The serial port is
     usually connected to an integrated circuit called a UART
     which handles the conversion between serial and parallel data.
     In the days before bit-mapped displays, and today on
     multi-user systems, the serial port was used to connect one
     or more terminals ({teletypewriters or VDUs), printers,
     modems and other serial peripherals.  Two computers
     connected together via their serial ports, possibly via
     modems, can communicate using a protocol such as UUCP or
     CU or SLIP.

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