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From The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (30 December 2018) :

     Version: V3.0 Patch Level 1.
      A multi-user chat program by Britt Yenne
     .  YTalk works almost exactly like the
     standard Unix talk program and even communicates with the
     same talk daemon(s), but YTalk supports multiple
     Multiple user names may be given as command-line arguments, in
     the form "name#tty@host" where the optional "#tty" specifies a
     particular tty.
     YTalk is able to communicate with both existing versions of
     Unix talk daemons.  Once connected, typing escape gives
     access to a menu of commands to add or delete users, trace
     to a file, or set options.  If run under the X Window
     System, YTalk will use separate X windows for each user in
     the conversaton, otherwise it will split the terminal screen
     between them.
     E-mail: .

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