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2 definitions found
 for worked up
From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) :

  worked up
      adj 1: (of persons) excessively affected by emotion; "he would
             become emotional over nothing at all"; "she was worked up
             about all the noise" [syn: aroused, emotional,
             excited, worked up]

From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  52 Moby Thesaurus words for "worked up":
     agog, angered, angry, aquiver, aroused, atingle, atwitter,
     browned-off, bursting, carried away, cross, ebullient,
     effervescent, excited, exhilarated, fired, high, hopped up,
     impassioned, incensed, indignant, inflamed, irate, ireful,
     keyed up, lathered up, livid, mad, manic, moved, pissed,
     pissed-off, ready to burst, riled up, roused, sore, steamed up,
     stimulated, stirred, stirred up, thrilled, ticked off, tingling,
     tingly, turned-on, whipped up, wrathful, wrathy, wroth, wrought up,
     wrought-up, yeasty

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