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2 definitions found
 for turn over
From WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) :

  turn over
      v 1: place into the hands or custody of; "hand me the spoon,
           please"; "Turn the files over to me, please"; "He turned
           over the prisoner to his lawyers" [syn: pass, hand,
           reach, pass on, turn over, give]
      2: cause to overturn from an upright or normal position; "The
         cat knocked over the flower vase"; "the clumsy customer
         turned over the vase"; "he tumped over his beer" [syn:
         overturn, tip over, turn over, upset, knock over,
         bowl over, tump over]
      3: move by turning over or rotating; "The child rolled down the
         hill"; "turn over on your left side" [syn: roll, turn
      4: turn up, loosen, or remove earth; "Dig we must"; "turn over
         the soil for aeration" [syn: dig, delve, cut into,
         turn over]
      5: do business worth a certain amount of money; "The company
         turns over ten million dollars a year"
      6: cause to move around a center so as to show another side of;
         "turn a page of a book" [syn: turn, turn over]
      7: turn from an upright or normal position; "The big vase
         overturned"; "The canoe tumped over" [syn: overturn, turn
         over, tip over, tump over]
      8: turn upside down, or throw so as to reverse; "flip over the
         pork chop"; "turn over the pancakes" [syn: flip, flip
         over, turn over]
      9: think about carefully; weigh; "They considered the
         possibility of a strike"; "Turn the proposal over in your
         mind" [syn: consider, debate, moot, turn over,

From Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  202 Moby Thesaurus words for "turn over":
     abalienate, alien, alienate, amortize, assign, barter, be lost,
     bequeath, break, brood over, capsize, careen, carry over, cede,
     chaw, chew over, circulate, close out, come across with,
     communicate, con over, confer, consign, convert, convert into cash,
     convey, crease, crimp, crisp, culbuter, cut under, deed, deed over,
     deliberate, deliberate over, deliberate upon, deliver,
     deliver over, demise, deport, devolve upon, diffuse, digest,
     disseminate, distribute, dog-ear, double, double over, dump,
     effect a sale, enfeoff, enfold, evert, exchange, expel, export,
     extradite, flounce, flute, fold, fold over, fork over, forward,
     founder, frill, gather, give, give in, give out, give over,
     give title to, go down, hand, hand down, hand forward, hand in,
     hand on, hand out, hand over, impart, import, infold, interfold,
     introvert, intussuscept, invaginate, inverse, invert, job, keel,
     keel over, knock over, lap over, make a sale, make over, market,
     meditate, meditate upon, merchandise, metastasize, metathesize,
     move, mull, mull over, muse on, muse over, negotiate, overset,
     overthrow, overturn, pass, pass on, pass out, pass over,
     pass the buck, perfuse, pitchpole, plait, plat, pleat, plicate,
     ply, ponder over, pronate, quill, reach, reflect over, relay,
     relegate, render, resell, resign, resupinate, retail, reverse,
     revolve, rotate, ruff, ruffle, ruminate over, run over, sacrifice,
     scuttle, sell, sell off, sell on consignment, sell out, sell over,
     sell retail, sell short, sell up, sell wholesale, settle,
     settle on, sign away, sign over, sink, somersault, spread, subvert,
     supinate, surrender, switch, think over, tip over, topple,
     topple over, topsy-turvify, topsy-turvy, trade, transfer,
     transfer property, transfuse, translate, translocate, transmit,
     transplace, transplant, transpose, tuck, turn, turn a somersault,
     turn about, turn around, turn down, turn in, turn inside out,
     turn into money, turn out, turn the scale, turn the tables,
     turn topsy-turvy, turn turtle, turn upside down, twill, undercut,
     undersell, unload, upset, upset the boat, upturn, wholesale

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